Sunday, October 7, 2012

You've got the RUNNER of the group :)

Michael had soccer yesterday and had a blast!!! He had three volunteers who were from Lindenwood University to assist him throughout the hour. Michael likes to 'pick' his volunteers... he usually pics guys and he pointed to them and they were off!!! Michael doesnt slow down at all! he runs the whole hour and I just sit back and watch these volunteers try to keep up with him!! Its the most entertaining hour I get all day! Yesterday was a little different, Michael was listening and they were eager to help him in the actual game of soccer. They didnt just chase him around, they were showing him how to pass the ball and Michael was soaking it all in!! At mid point, when all the kids are suppose to play an actual game, Michael didnt want to participate, and his volunteers were onboard. They wanted to play with him as much as he wanted to play with them. They set up cones in his own goal and let him knock them down every few minutes. Genuis! that was a way to slow him down! ha! Michael loved every minute of it. At the end of the hour, one of his volunteers approached me to find out about Michael... what was his diagnosis, had he played soccer before, had he been involved in this program before. I told him that Michael has speech apraxia, and that yes, he has played soccer since he was 4, and yes, this was our third year in the SPENSA program. His response: Its funny, cuz when Michael picked us, the group leader said, "Good luck, you've got the RUNNER of the group". and he was right!!! Out of the over 100 special needs kids, Michael stands out! and I couldnt be more proud!! Because everyone in that program knows that Michael absolutely LOVES to play soccer!!! :) So proud of you little monkey!!


  1. Michael is on the second row- surrounded by his volunteers below, above, and to the left of him!
    so happy! look at that smile!!!

  2. Grampa Charlie is so proud of him also!